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Thanks to so called web TV aggregators now we have convenient online access to thousands real TV channels such as NBC, ABC, ESPN, BBC1 and many more, organized in categories and in some cases even ranked by users, and all completely free. These directory like websites that do nothing more then collect and organize free to access channels from tv networks, started to get quite popular. And since what’s popular belongs here I selected some of the major ones and briefly compared them below

Note: To stream most of the channels without any lag you’ll need in my opinion at least 500kbps connection speed, which shouldn’t be a problem for most of European and US folks.

Channel Directory Number Of Channels Language free? Full Screen Mode My Rating
1820 International yes yes 4
313 English only 3
700 English, Dutch and Hindi 5
250 English only 3
151 English only 5 120 International 4


As long as your connection is good you shouldn’t experience any problems with playing stuff, in case you’re try following;

  • close all programs and downloads that may keep you connection busy
  • if Windows Media Player is set as default .wmv player make sure you have latest version (latest version)
  • firefox users – ActiveX may be needed
  • Mac OSX(Safari) – click here to install Flip4Mac.
  • Linux : install mozilla-mplayer and w32codecs

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