MoodPanda: Online Mood Tracking Service

Keeping a record of how your mood has been over the past few days can be a helpful way to analyze how you have been feeling. Here to help you do exactly that by tracking your mood online is a web service called MoodPanda.

mood panda   MoodPanda: Online Mood Tracking Service

MoodPanda is a free to use web service that tracks your mood. You start by creating a new account on the site or connecting with your Facebook account. Next you begin updating your mood from the site and adding a mood rating with each update. Your mood is plotted on a graph and displayed as a pie chart as well.

mood panda1   MoodPanda: Online Mood Tracking Service

Your mood updates are posted to your connected social network as well. This includes Facebook and Twitter. MoodPanda’s free iOS application lets you easily update your mood and track it with your phone.

mood panda2   MoodPanda: Online Mood Tracking Service


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