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create playlist twitterTwitter is not just about 140 characters anymore. One of the things that have found its way on Twitter is music. There are many ways to share songs Four Free Sites to Share Your Music On Twitter Four Free Sites to Share Your Music On Twitter Read More (among other things) on Twitter.

What your friends are sharing with you is only a small part. What sort of music is trending on Twitter is a pretty good marker for discovering kinds of songs you might not have heard before. So, it’s safe to assume that there are a lot of tunes floating around on the Twitter Ocean and it’s not only the Tweety bird that’s singing them.

Monstro is a new Twitter based service that aims to be the deep sea mining vessel that can search the twitosphere and catch what’s being shared on the micro-blogging network.

Monstro – Mix Tape on Steroids

Monstro is a social music network of its own or it at least aims to be one by piggybacking on Twitter. It is closely allied to the real-timeliness of Twitter and thus becomes a real-time music network that plugs you into any song that has been shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. There’s a difference here with other similar services, some of which have fallen by the wayside (e.g., As the site’s About page states, Monstro is not limited to a proprietary catalog of music – it taps into ANY music catalog that Twitter users utilize to share songs online.

create playlist twitter

Monstro thus extends Twitter’s role as a music discovery engine…a feature that was difficult to work around before. Just how Monstro does it is the point of this article.


Directly Use Monstro as a Music Search Engine

playlist twitter

You don’t have to register and log-in. You can see what’s trending on Twitter right from the home page. Not surprisingly, a lot of it is Whitney Houston.

You can also fill the little search box with a keyword to describe the kind of music you are searching for. Monstro displays a white page of results. The page also shows the twitterers who shared the song by tweeting it. You can buy the song on iTunes or Amazon. Or more preferably, stream it via Rdio or Spotify. If something stops you from doing both (like, if the streaming services aren’t available in your part of the world), catch it on YouTube with the link given on the page.

playlist twitter

You didn’t even have to register and log-in…yet.

Go Social and Create Those Mix Tapes

Sign-in with your Twitter ID and get to use Monstro to connect with your friends and followers. After logging in, Monstro displays your personal page (My Mix) that displays songs you have shared on Twitter. Friends Mix shows what your network of friends (or followers) is sharing via Twitter. They don’t have to be signed into Monstro for this to work. Friends must have shared the songs publicly of course for Monstro to catch it. You can view all the songs at a go on YouTube or listen to them as a playlist on Rdio.

playlist twitter

You can tune-into and tune out friends whom you want to follow when it comes to only music they share on Twitter. Unfortunately, my friend circle is limited when it comes to displaying musical tastes, so the graphic below is limited. But I hope you get the drift.

create playlist twitter

You can of course; use the Tune In and Tune Out buttons to discover more people with shared music interest and expand your network. You can go into their Monstro pages to see the remaining songs they have shared or their friends. Thus your search for music can expand exponentially. You can keep sharing your favorite songs using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and also Pinterest.

Thanks to music search engines, discovering new songs and artists has come together with listening. Monstro is a real-time help. Try it and give us your two cents…or more.

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