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MonoClops is a fun little photo editing tool that lets you create a funny picture of yourself. Once you upload a picture of yourself, MonoClops will tweak it to create the one-eye effect in your photo. After uploading an image, the tool will ask you to specify the location of your eyes on the photo by dragging two circles around them.

The tool will then create the effect and let you fine tune it by dragging a slider. Once done, you can either download the image to your computer in the JPG format or share it on Twitter and Facebook. To get the best effect, make sure you upload a straight-on shot.



  • Create a one-eyed effect in any photo.
  • Easy to use tool.
  • Save your tweaked photo or share on Facebook/Twitter.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: SeeNow, FunPhotoBox and StretchYourFace.

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