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Digg Alerter A while back, I highlighted tools for being a better Digger. But I have subsequently found another free Digg tool which will save you not having to constantly check the site to see how your stories are doing. Just as RSS feeds keep you on top of new website content, Digg Alerter lets you know from the desktop when someone diggs or comments on your submissions.

Digg Alerter pops up a window on your PC desktop when your stories are dugg or commented on. But only the stories that you submitted yourself – it doesn’t count the ones that someone else submitted but you dugg later. You can even tell it to include or exclude stories you submitted but which were subsequently buried.

As the settings box shows, you just have to enter your Digg username, the frequency that Digg Alerter should check and how many submissions it should monitor (the maximum is 100). There’s no need to enter a password, so in theory you could also use Digg Alerter to monitor another Digg user’s stories instead.

The program also lets you see all of the comments that people have made for each of your submissions :

Digg Alerter

By highlighting a particular story, you can see all of the comments underneath and above that, the names of all the people who have dugg the story so far.


By using Digg Alerter, you can save a lot of time each day not having to check individually on the progress of your submissions and instead use that time doing what you would much rather prefer to do – digg more!

  1. p@r@noid
    November 7, 2008 at 11:22 pm

    Been using it for long, and i liked it a let me see who all dugged my story and who all commented on it..and i can easily access all my submissions..!!!!

    All the diggers outa here should use this tool..!!!


  2. Net Money FAQ
    July 27, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    Nice Little tool, have downloaded it and will try it out over the next few days

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