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Despite the best of efforts, outages are part and parcel of online services. With cloud services and our 24×7 dependence on them, service disruptions How To Check For Service Disruptions Of Your Popular Online Accounts How To Check For Service Disruptions Of Your Popular Online Accounts Service disruptions can be due to various reasons - from local problems in your computer or the national Internet node to some glitch on the servers along the way. There are ways of course to... Read More can be more than irksome. Giving users a way to check the current status is one way of customer support. Apple has revamped its System Status page and rolled out a more comprehensive one that should help to keep users informed.

In its old incarnation, the System Status page was a bare bones one. As iCloud services mature, Apple has moved into a more detailed layout that displays the health of all Apple’s services, stores and iCloud applications.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the (familiar) rounded rectangles in green represent that all services are running smoothly. A problem will be indicated if one of them or more turns orange. The System Status Page has brought additional online services within its ambit. Also, the addition of a timeline at the foot of the page gives you a microscopic view of any outage or disruption. The black line indicates the current time in the respective time-zones.

Scrolling the timeline horizontally will tell you if there were any problems with the services. Issues are shown by orange bars and a notification. The timeline goes back to two days prior to the current one. The new System Status page is a more open initiative from Apple and a welcome one.

Source: Techcrunch


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