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You know the old stereotype I’m sure – a Scotsman is careful with his money. A Scotsman loves a bargain. Well that is especially true with me. I hate to overspend and if you want to make me happy, give me a good deal on something. Especially on books. I love buying books (to the point of obsession) and I really hate overspending on them. I used to spend well over 100 Euros a month on books until my girlfriend made it clear it was either the books or her. Since then, I have been looking for ways to cut down on the monthly book budget.

ShoppingNotes is one of those ways and it has been a fantastic tool so far. What it does is allow you to put in the URL of a product page and it then monitors that page for you on 30 day intervals. If the product price moves in any way, it alerts you instantly by email.

By using this service, I was able to immediately grab much wanted books whenever Amazon spontaneously decided to cut the price in half. I was able to pick up birthday presents for friends and family. I have even started to plan Christmas early this year, monitoring prices on various sites to see if the prices are going to move significantly.

When it comes to setting up an alert, you are given the following options :

amazon price watcher

This is where it asks you how you want to be alerted when the price moves. You can choose to be alerted when the price drops below a certain price threshold or when the price moves at all. Since I am not in the United States and therefore not dealing in US dollars, I decided not to mess around with a certain price level and opted instead to be alerted to any price movement. But if you are in the US, you may decide you only want to be interrupted if the price drops below a certain amount.


As you can also see, you can set up lists and assign your pages to a certain list to keep your account tidy and organised.

Now how do you use it? Well that’s simple. ShoppingNotes provides you with a bookmarklet which you place in your browser bar. Then whenever you are on a product page and you want to put that product into your ShoppingNotes account, just hit that bookmarklet :

watch price drop

By pressing the bookmarklet, all the details of the product are then instantly passed along to the ShoppingNotes website and pre-filled into the correct fields. Then after checking to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction, press “save” and you’ll then be brought back to the site you were at before – in my case, Amazon. Then you can keep on surfing for more things to buy! Very smooth.

If you’re the sort of person who buys a lot of things online – clothes, books, DVD’s, CD’s, clothes, games – and you’re constantly getting complaints from your significant other about the amount of money you’re spending then maybe you should think about using ShoppingNotes? Plug all your desired items into the service, let it monitor the prices for you and wait for the prices to drop! Then grab them before anyone else realises what’s going on!

Then email me and I will bestow upon you honorary Scottish citizenship for being able to spot and grab a genuine bargain and save money.

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