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Most parents nowadays want their kids to start acquiring money management skills at an early age. is a simple web based tool to help parents and their kids keep a track of the exchange of money between each other and the way the kid spends his or her weekly/monthly allowance.

For parents, it helps them keep a track of the kid’s cash balance, and for children, it helps them stay abreast of their credit, cash balance, gift cards and also reminds parents on their behalf so that they don’t forget their allowance.

money management for kids

The tool also has mobile apps for all kinds of cellphones that lets one enter and keep track of financial data on the go. It also has a market to help parents purchase gifts from Amazon and other sites.


  • Online allowance and online money management for kids.
  • Parents can keep a track of their kid’s cash balance.
  • Kids can check cash, credit, gift cards and more.

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