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Anyone interested in technology may have asked this question; how do tech companies make money? The answer to this question may not be obvious, but luckily we have a new tool called How Do They Make Money? to help us out.

how tech companies make money

This tool gives us tons of sortable data and lays out how our favorite tech companies earn, from giants like Google and Apple, established services like Dropbox, Instapaper, and Pandora, and communities like Instagram, Kickstarter, and more.

The homepage greets us with a grid of companies that you can click through to learn more about their revenue sources. For each service, icons representing sources of revenue lights up if it applies to them. It also lets you know if the service is profitable or not. Each entry gives you a source link so you can verify their data.

How Do They Make Money? also lets you filter entries by service type or revenue type. Revenue types cited here include advertising, selling data, subscribers, freemium, lead generation or affiliate, and royalties. Meanwhile, service type categories include social media, app design, and entertainment to name a few.

The tool only has a limited number of companies profiled as of the moment, but the most important services are already available.


How Do They Make Money? is a great resource for people who want to know more about companies’ revenue streams and how they survive in this cutthroat industry.


  • Know how tech companies make money
  • Sort companies by revenue type or service type
  • Check to see if service is profitable or not
  • Sources available for fact-checking

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