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Advertisement is an interesting mobile application mockup creator that lets users quickly create mockups of mobile apps without getting into complex code or design stuff. It offers a neat drag and drop interface that can be used by just about anyone to create a layout of their proposed mobile app. Pages and buttons can be added, text and image widgets can be dragged and dropped, text input and checkbox forms can be included, all in a WYSIWYG interface which, once completed, can be tested, saved and shared.

mobile application mockup

The good thing is that the HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be reused to facilitate the final production of the app. That should definitely make the job of coders easier and quicker. Transition animations can also be included in the mockups. The app is still in beta though so don’t be surprised by bugs and hiccups.


  • Mobile app mockup creator.
  • Create mockups of mobile apps easily.
  • Test on iPhone and Android.
  • Similar tools: Mockingbird, MockFlow and iPlotz.

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