Use ModLoader To Make Installing New Minecraft Mods Very Easy

minecrafthumb   Use ModLoader To Make Installing New Minecraft Mods Very EasyTo put it simply, you’re really not enjoying the full Minecraft experience if you’re running the client right out of the box. There are way too many user-contributed modifications that can soup up and trick out your Minecraft, causing an array of additional effects, unlocking new features, and just generally making the game a lot more functional and user-friendly than it already is.

Here at MakeUseOf, we’ve already thrown nine websites that ought to help enhance your Minecraft at you. This time, I’m here to give you a step-by-step walk-through on how to get ModLoader up and running smoothly.

minecraft classic select block   Use ModLoader To Make Installing New Minecraft Mods Very Easy

ModLoader was made by Risugami with hopes to make the process of installing Minecraft mods much simpler. It achieves just that. After installing ModLoader manually, you’ll only have to save the archived files of each new mod that you want to install in a specific folder. No more annoying editing of minecraft.jar!


The first step is to go and download ModLoader by clicking here. Open the archive and do nothing more.

What you’ll want to do next is go to your Windows Start Menu, go to Run, and input “%appdata%”. This should bring up your applications data folder. From there, go to “.minecraft” and then navigate into “bin”.

You then need to open minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7zip, or whatever other archiving program you use. From there, you want to drag and drop the files from the ModLoader archive into the minecraft.jar archive.

modloader win   Use ModLoader To Make Installing New Minecraft Mods Very Easy

You can just drag all of the files from the one archive into another. Make sure not to drag them into a folder, but into the “bin” folder root. A window asking if you want to extract may come up and you’ll want to proceed if it does.

After that, there is a folder called “META-INF” in the root of this archive. Delete that entire folder. This is important and necessary.


1. Go to “Applications” then “Utilities” and open the terminal.

2. Type in the following:

cd ~
mkdir mctmp
cd mctmp
jar xf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar

3. Away from the terminal now, you’ll want to copy all files into the “mctmp” directory

4. Back in the terminal, type the following:

jar uf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./
cd ..
rm -rf mctmp

Now you’re all done. Instead of having to do a similar procedure every time you want to try out a mod, you now only have to save the mod’s archive in the “mods” folder. This folder is located at “%appdata%/.minecraft/mods”.

Let’s try it out using Rei’s Minimap mod. Simply download and save the archive in the “mods” directory.

reimm   Use ModLoader To Make Installing New Minecraft Mods Very Easy

From there, well, you’re done. Start up Minecraft and let’s see what we’ve got.

reimm2   Use ModLoader To Make Installing New Minecraft Mods Very Easy

Surely enough, we’ve managed to install a whole new capability by just saving a file into a certain directory. ModLoader handles all the rest of the work for us.

ModLoader is compatible with almost every single mod out there. There isn’t a complete list, but you can find a good bunch to start with at the mod’s official forum thread.

One thing to note is that ModLoader will require reinstallation if you’ve upgraded your Minecraft. What’s awesome is that your mods that have been installed using ModLoader won’t, however. ModLoader is a very useful tool that should make the process of installing mods simple and quick for even the most novice of users.

If you’re just browsing through this post and you’ve yet to pick up Minecraft, here’s why you should. Here are even more reasons, as of recent! If you need help finding the perfect multiplayer server to play on, check out this post.

Drop me a line in the comments and let me know how ModLoader has been working out for you. Leave me any questions or concerns and I’ll be sure to follow up.

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There is also Modloader MultiPlayer ( )  that can be installed as well as Modloader for mods that have multiplayer elements.


Mind doing a video walkthrough? cause i got confused, this is my first time downloading anything like this and yea… So do I drag and drop the modloader stuff into Bin folder of minecraft of just into the complete thing? and I can’t find the META folder


Before you can drop the files, first you need to open up the minecraft.jar file, which is inside the bin directory. This is an archive of java files, so you need 7zip (which is free), winRAR, or similar to open it.

If you have 7zip installed, simply right-click on the minecraft.jar file and go to “7-Zip > Open Archive”. This will give you a list of files and directories that you can just drop the modloader files onto. You’ll know it’s the right one because the META-INF directory will be there.

Once you’ve copied the files and deleted META-INF you can start minecraft.

Hope that helps


Sorry, going to bug you, but I installed it on my Mac (10.7.2) running V1.1 of Minecraft, I copied all the files in the Mod Loader fine, deleted META-INF and no “mods” folder showed up, so I created one and copied in the mod, I have a black screen… Wah

Craig Snyder

I have very little experience with Mac, but can only assume it’s a very similar procedure. Have you been sure to download the updated, correct version of ModLoader? When you say no “mods” folder showed up, you started Minecraft after the installation right? That folder won’t show up unless you gracefully run Minecraft once.

You moved the mod archive (.zip or .rar) into the “mods” folder, and now you’re at a black screen? This has happened to me a few times and is generally an indication that either ModLoader or the mod you’re loading through ModLoader is out of date. You can go into your Minecraft options and force an update and that’ll fix it. What mod in particular are you trying to install?


And if that doesn’t work, try renaming the minecraft.jar file and running Minecraft, which will make Minecraft download a fresh version and you can try again.

Oh, and MUO Staff, occasionally hitting ctrl will take me to the next or previous article (without pressing J or K). I’ve noticed it with both FF9 and FF10, usually trying to delete the cache but also just now trying to select a word.


no mods folder shows up, i tried installing it over and over on fresh copies for ages, any help?


Did you run MineCraft after installing ModLoader?


Crap… I’m installing mod loader 15th time or more, always after installation when I run the game it crashes. I have deleted Meta-inf, did everything exactly like in every single instruction, and game always crashes. I have cracked Minecraft 1.1 and Modloader for Minecraft 1.1. I dont have any idea what can be wrong, so please if someone can, upload minecraft.jar with Modloader installed and send link there. I see no other way whinch would work…


 Sorry, I don’t have any experience with cracked versions, and I think most mods aren’t built to support them. Try installing an official version and see if you still have problems.


Some files are deleted in cracked version that so it prevents mods so it isn’t tracked but you can have TooManyItems.


I loaded the Mod just as instructed, the game runs…but i have no Modfolder and the mods i have already put in are not showing up ingame..any ideas?  I followed evry step very xcarefully, but no joy.


You have to create a mods folder under the .minecraft folder, and in the mods folder is where you put the new mods.

Craig Snyder

This is correct.


I also have no folder so i have nowhere to put my mods


btw i have windows


how come if you use a mac version 10.5.8 it only gives me a black screen if rusagimi fixes this i’ll be so happy (i tested itw with mc patcher the AA.class gets to excited thats the problem how do i fix it??)

Craig Snyder

I’ve minimal experience on the OS X platform, however ModLoader has jumped in versions a few times since this post. Make 100% sure that you’re installing ModLoader on a clean .jar (force to update otherwise) and ensure that the version of Minecraft you’re running correlates with the version of ModLoader you’re installing.


A black screen sounds like you didn’t delete the META-INF direcroty before installing the mod



its not working for me i did all of the steps and still nothing btw i have a mac

Craig Snyder

Can you tell me what in specific isn’t working? On which part of the process do you get lost?

Sam George

I’ve used many videos to download modloader and mods but it never seems to work there is no recognition of the mods being downloaded I believe I do it exactly as everyone else does. I tried to install wizardcraft so I dragged all the modloader files into .jar and deleted META INF, but again there is no recognition Modloader has been installed it doesn’t show it the files and when I open minecraft it runs normally with no mods installed.

Craig Snyder

Windows or OS X?

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of course like your web-site however you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to inform the reality then again I will definitely come back again.


anyone know a website i can do this?


If you are still looking for an answer, you may want to ask this question on MakeUseOf Answers.


Once I put the mods in minecraft fails to launch..

Craig Snyder

All you need to do is tick the box by “Force Update” and it’ll be as if you never even attempted this.

angry person

this completely screwed up mine craft on my mac. i can’t go anywhere without it crashing now. thanks a lot


delete META-INF?

Craig Snyder

No instructions in this tutorial can manage to do anything to corrupt your Minecraft like that, when followed correctly. All you need to do is tick the box by “Force Update” and it’ll be as if you never even attempted this.


I am doing all of the steps and deleting META-INF but no mod folder :( PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Craig Snyder

Are you on Windows or Mac?


It won’t let me delete the META-INF files. What should I do?

Craig Snyder

What is the error? What compression software do you use (WinRAR, etc.)?


Hey, I tryed this and it keeps telling me minecraft crashed DX


Ok, I’m really looking forward to having a back pack!…but I just can’t get it running right. I’ve done everything said. Opened jar with winrar added all mod loader files into the jar made sure it wasn’t any of the folders. Once I load up, I have no mods tab. I definitely deleted Meta and under .minecraft there is a folder that says “mods” but when I load up there’s nothing there, just texture packs. I just played for the first time on xbox and had to buy it and I was all pumped but now I feel defeated…please help


I’m using Windows7 and cannot get the modloader files to drag and drop into my minecraft.jar directory. I get a circle w/ diag line through it icon when I have files selected and I drag them to the minecraft.jar directory. Could you let me know what might be going on here? Thanks!


I get that red line when I drag and hover over the folder files. Make sure you’re dragging on top of the class files. I usually scroll down a little on the jar so the folders aren’t on the screen. I still can’t get this to work tho so my advise may not be the best.



Craig Snyder



I have tried multiple times to get the mods tab in minecraft. I deleted the meta-inf and placed mod loader in multiple places. I have windows 7 just to clarify. Thanks for your help

Craig Snyder

Hi TG,
This article was written quite some time ago and I’m inclined to think that the installation process has possibly changed. I’ll look into it shortly and if necessary, have this article updated or submit a new one.


Alright thanks


How do we open the Modloader Archive?

Craig Snyder

WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc.


hey my folder dissaperd when i did a force update how do i install mods

Craig Snyder

Forcing an update completely reverses everything you’ve done in regards to installing ModLoader.


I have a mac. I downloaded it and i have the mod folder inside my minecraft folder, but when i place the zip file (of a mod) inside the mod folder, it doesn’t show up when i play… What do i do?

Craig Snyder

As I don’t have a Mac of my own, I’d recommend asking in MUO Answers:

You’d get better support than what I can offer.