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Microsoft’s Modern UI (whatever you do, don’t call it Metro) might be polarising fans left right and centre but it does also come with a few admittedly useful features, like the ability to pin new Modern apps to the side of the screen while doing other things. One such app that thrives on being pinned to the side of the screen is ModernNote, a simple text editor for Windows 8’s new UI.

simple text editor windows

By pinning ModernNote to the side of the screen you can take notes as well as copy and paste text into a document, without needing to switch between windows or look at a second monitor. You don’t have to pin it of course, and the text editor works just fine in full-screen mode. ModernNote can create and make changes to plain text as well as rich text files, which means you can add formatting, change fonts and sizes and save as .RTF for cross-platform compatibility.


The app supports multiple document handling, a spellcheck function and best of all it’s completely free. Being a Modern app, ModernNote works on standard desktop Windows 8 PCs (x86/x64 architecture) as well as Windows RT for ARM devices Windows RT - What You Can & Can't Do Windows RT - What You Can & Can't Do Windows RT edition was discreetly launched about a month and a half ago with the flagship Microsoft Surface RT tablet device. Though visually indistinguishable from Windows 8, there are some key differences as to what... Read More .


  • Create and edit text files in plain text (.TXT) and rich text (.RTF) formats.
  • Pin the app to the side of the screen for quick note taking and easy pasting of text.
  • Check your spelling using the included spellcheck tool.
  • Open multiple documents at once.

Download: ModernNote in the Windows Store

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