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Jazz is the ultimate instrumental music. Not only does it not contain lyrics, you also won’t be distracted by catchy melodies.

Sound Sunday equips you with a selection of modern jazz recordings, including fusion jazz and electro jazz. Use it as non-invasive background music at your next cocktail party or put it on when reading or writing.

A streaming playlist to get a taste of every album can be found at the bottom of this article. Remember to share the music, so your friends can benefit from relaxing music, too! And please comment, so we know what you thought.

Jazz The Blues

Genre: jazz, blues

Josh Maxey is a master of the jazz guitar. His latest album achieves a level of quality which you wouldn’t expect from a piece recorded within the budget of a NYC guitar teacher. This is finest jazz played by a gifted team of musicians.

Beat The Jazz Soul

Genre: jazz, soul, downbeat


Blue Thyme is a collaboration between German hip hop producer DasNichts and jazz and folk singer Julie Karmark.

Genre: jazz, soul

DJ and producer Freddie Joachim has licensed his music to many well known brands, including Adidas, DC Shoes, and Nike. Begonia is a very progressive EP with a strong lounge character. Download the album for free from Mellow Orange, Freddie Joachim’s own label.

Fusion Jazz

Genre: instrumental, jazz, hip hop

This album is a continuous project that is updated every time the band produced work with a new collaboration partner. At this point, it contains 11 brilliant tunes with ear opening instrumental hip hop jazz.

Genre: instrumental, electro, jazz, beat tape, sample based

xQz is an artist from Ukraine who started making music at the young age of 17. Ever since, all s/he’s been using is a laptop, 16 pads, and a pair of headphones. Backwards Words reflects four years of studying music.

Genre: indie, jazz, fusion, electro, breaks, dance, garage rock

For this album Joel Weston, head of the music label Green Chair Music, remixed the works of his protégés.

Genre: alternative, jazz, drum and bass, lounge, trip hop

Dutch musician Franz Friedrich studied trumpet under Peter Masseurs and has been involved in the music scene from the early 80s. Jazzdancetera gives a taste of the breadth of his work between the early 90s and 2000s.

Genre: fusion, jazz, rock, blues

Guitarist Nick Granville from New Zealand has worked with the likes of Chris De Burgh and Ronan Keating. With the Nick Granville Group he plays sophisticated jazz.

Genre: jazz, fusion, progressive rock

The final album in this edition is the highlight. Pasajero Luminoso possesses south American roots that play into his experimental, progressive rock and jazz music. The compositions on his self-titled album are calm and soothing.

The Playlist

The playlist features one song from each album introduced above. Enjoy this entire edition of Sound Sunday in one go.

What Is Jazz To You?

While many people find Jazz difficult, I find it extremely easy to listen to. Its unpredictability makes it near impossible to hum along and thus attract your attention. Instead, the music meanders through your head and washes along your thoughts, without taking them off their course.

How does Jazz make you feel and what do you associate with it? Do you prefer a particular Jazz flavor and why?

Feature Image Credits: Jazz Men by Sebastien Letellier via Flickr

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