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iphone media sharing appPhoto sharing apps have officially taken off, thanks primarily to mobile devices. These kinds of apps let you take pictures on your phone and share them with your social graph. There are a lot of great apps out there that promote social photo sharing, like Instagram Share Your Life in Photos With The Free Instagram App [iPhone] Share Your Life in Photos With The Free Instagram App [iPhone] Read More , Color Color - The Hottest Smartphone Photo Sharing App [Android/iPhone] Color - The Hottest Smartphone Photo Sharing App [Android/iPhone] Are you ready to try something a little new? How about a social network designed with smartphones in mind, rather than one based on desktop computer principles? Well, that's what Color have put together. It's... Read More , and Path Path - The Personal Photo Sharing App We've All Been Waiting For [iPhone] Path - The Personal Photo Sharing App We've All Been Waiting For [iPhone] Read More  for starters. Each of these applications has seen success in the mobile space and is helping to transform how we use our phones, and they all offer something unique that makes them worth using.

Enter Mobli, the iPhone media sharing app that instantaneously uploads your pictures and videos in the background while taking them. This app is hot on the scene with plenty of interesting features to get us all excited about. In this article, I’ll show you what those features are and why you should add Mobli to your photo sharing arsenal.

What Is Mobli?

Mobli enables people to quickly and easily share high-quality photos and videos that are uploaded in real-time. With the integration of channels and geo-location, users can share their events and experiences with communities of individuals looking to do the same thing.

“Mobli is a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places, and topics. Mobli enables users to see the world through other people’s eyes!”

iphone media sharing app

Simply put, Mobli is great for seeing what’s going on somewhere you couldn’t be and for showing others the cool places you do go to. Whether you’re at a concert or sporting event, Mobli gives you the platform to connect with others and watch “Channels”.

iphone photo sharing app free


For instance, let’s say it’s Sunday and your favorite football team is playing. If you are at home watching the game, you can use Mobli to view your team’s Channel and see any photo or video taken during the game in your feed. You can interact with other fans and “see” the game from different angles, making it feel like you are there. If you are there, you can share content directly from your seat.

iphone photo sharing app free

On Mobli, you can see what is happening as it happens through a live feed, as well as view what is going on around you at any time. You can also leave comments and interact with others socially through pictures and videos.

iphone media sharing app

If you would like to share the photos and videos you take with Mobli with your personal networks, you can connect the app to your Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts as well.


Mobli is currently available for iOS devices (iTunes link) with versions of the mobile app for Android and BlackBerry still in alpha. You can head over to Mobli’s homepage to check out what’s popular and see the types of Channels and photos you’re likely to find on the app.

I’m a fan of social photo sharing apps, and even though there is certainly a lot of competition in this space this generation of apps seems to be thriving. I like the idea of using my photos to help depict an event I’m at rather than just putting them on display for everyone to see.  What do you think?

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  1. Jessi1373
    June 1, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Tnx for this! Downloaded mobli and it's great!

    • Steve Campbell
      June 1, 2011 at 12:56 pm

      You're welcome. Glad you found the app useful!