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It appears that Apple is extending the iCloud storage plan for former MobileMe subscribers to the year 2050. All iCloud users get 5 GB free, and for $40 per year, users get 20 GB of additional storage. But former MobileMe customers will get that extra 20 GB plan for free until the year 2050.

Apple ended the MobileMe service back in the end of June of this year, after members were given over a year to download files from their account. MobileMe was similar to iCloud, but it never performed as well as other cloud services like Dropbox, and it lacked the mobile integration of Apple’s present iCloud system.

Apple released iCloud back in October of 2011 with the release of iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S, and now it’s fully integrated with mobile and desktop hardware and software. At that time, Apple had extended the new iCloud service to MobileMe subscribers for up to year, but now has been extended up to 38 years!

To find out if your plan has already been extended, open the Settings app on your iOS device, and tap on iCloud > Account. If your plan has been extended, you should see a notice similar to one the below.

The 20 GB of storage should be enough to back up one or more iOS devices, including documents. For many new iOS users, iCloud is a way to wirelessly backup and restore their iOS devices. This also means Apple customers can purchase a new iOS device without needing to own a Mac or a PC.


Source: ArsTechnica

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