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Waze, the incredibly popular mobile navigation app, has just launched an update to their mobile applications that will give users with real-time gas prices along their route. No longer will you need to stop at the first gas station you see only to find the one up the street could be cheaper, or it could cost more. Now you will be able to find out exactly how much the gas costs, so you can plan accordingly.

Much like Waze’s real-time traffic, the information about the gas prices will come from other users. Just like reporting an accident or other incident that could impede fellow travelers, users can report the prices of gasoline. Dedicated Waze users say their traffic reporting is incredibly accurate. If they are using a similar system for gas, you can expect it to be a trustworthy way of finding out the price of fuel.

To go along with this, Waze has partnered with some major gas stations to bring discounts to their users. These locations will show up along your route, and they will include a handy digital coupon that will help you save a little more.

Another part of this update is an improvement to the destination search in the app. This has been one of their weaker features, so it is great to see them stepping up and improving on this point.

The update is available for iOS and Android and it is absolutely free. It is also featured on our Best of Android and Best of iPhone apps page, so you know it is a quality app.


Source: TechCrunch

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