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Gmail Shortcuts If you happen to be one of the many people who use their built-in mobile web browser to check your e-mail, chances are you get frustrated by that little scroll wheel or tiny scrollbar when trying to move around inside the page.

If you’ve used the web-based version of Gmail on your mobile browser you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Like when you open an e-mail, read its contents, then decide you want to archive or delete it; you usually have to scroll nearly all the way down to the bottom and click on the appropriate link or whatever other link you were trying to click. This can be quite awkward if you’re reading an e-mail that your sister sent you that’s 45 pages long and you’re just trying to easily delete or archive it. In last month’s Gmail podcast, Chuck Tomasi talked about a feature he calls “Speed Dialing”.

Instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom of the screen to click one of the common links, think of them as an ordered list and assign numbers to them in your head.

  1. Reply
  2. Reply to all
  3. Forward
  4. Archive
  5. Marked unread
  6. Add Star
  7. Delete

So now when whizzing through your e-mail there’s no need to aggravate yourself by having to scroll all the way the bottom to perform one of these common actions. Simply press the number, and your browser will do the rest.

Remember: these numbered options are not the same in the very popular Gmail Java applet… except delete.

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