Which Mobile Games Have You Played While Waiting For Angry Birds Space? [We Ask You]

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Let’s face it you’re probably now playing Angry Birds Space. Perhaps not right at this moment, but over the past few days for sure. Angry Birds Space launched from Rovio Control on March 22, 2012, and it has already topped app charts in many countries around the world. The series has become something of a phenomenon and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

However, there are long breaks in between the release of Angry Birds games. Which leaves many of us who enjoy casual gaming on our mobiles twiddling our thumbs waiting. Thankfully there are a host of other great games to play on your smartphone or tablet of choice. But which have you been playing over the past few months while waiting for Angry Birds Space to land?

This Week’s Question…

Which Mobile Games Have You Played While Waiting For Angry Birds Space?

I have already admitted to being addicted to Angry Birds, the mobile game which has embedded itself into society and launched hundreds of items of merchandise. I have since found out many of the other MakeUseOf writers are also advocates for this most-simple of games. But even Angry Birds can become boring and tiresome, when all the stars have been won, all the pigs have been vanquished and all the eggs have been returned.

Mobile gaming is now big business, and there are many popular titles to play. From the newest craze of Draw Something to several variations on the Nyan Cat! theme. We cover all we can here on MakeUseOf but we still want to know which you have actually taken the time to install and play in recent months. Whether you got hooked on one game in particular or sampled many different games, let us know in the comments section below.

We Ask You… now You Tell Us. All comments will be digested to form conclusions in a follow-up post next week.

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