Mobile Dragon Go Takes Voice-Activated Search Up a Notch [News]

dragongo   Mobile Dragon Go Takes Voice Activated Search Up a Notch [News]Today, Nuance, the voice-to-text software developer, replaced its Dragon Search application, launched in early 2010, with a new iOS app, Dragon Go. Their slogan, “Say It, Get It, Go!” sums up pretty well the new added features and approach to voice-activated web search.

Dragon Go is similar to Google‚Äės Search app, providing intuitive quick search results without you having to type a word. Simply tap the red record button, query a few keywords, and Dragon Go will search a wide range of mobile and Internet content.

As for now, the app is US-based, but there are plans to expand the market in the near future.

IMG 0530   Mobile Dragon Go Takes Voice Activated Search Up a Notch [News]

Dragon Go accesses up to 180 content providers, including ESPN, Facebook, Fandango, iTunes,,, Pandora, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, Yahoo! and many others. Unlike Google Search, Dragon Go displays search results by the content provider it thinks you may want to use.

So say you query “automative repair” followed by your city of location, Dragon Go will show you results on¬†Yelp, a social networking site of customer reviews. You then might tab over to the¬†Call section for a listing of phone numbers to auto repair shops. You might even try the Twitter tab to see if there any results there.

IMG 0536   Mobile Dragon Go Takes Voice Activated Search Up a Notch [News]

Dragon Go has a clean user interface. If you want to review your past queries, simply tap the search box to get or clear your search history. You can also send your results via email, Twitter, Facebook and SMS.

Dragon Go is available for free download and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Source: Macworld

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