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There is a search engine for everything so why not ads as well? Moat is a search engine for advertisements that you can use to search for currently running ads for any brand. Simply type in the name of a brand and Moat will display a collection of ads that are running on various websites. Hovering your mouse over any ad will display it in full size along with other information like the ad size and the size of the swf file behind it.

You can also see the name of the website where the ad was seen last along with the date. Sharing any ad with your friends is made super easy through a unique URL. Moat also has a feature where you can see ads for a random brand and keep refreshing to view a new brand.

search engine for advertisements


  • Search engine for ads.
  • Lets you search current online ads for any brand.
  • Get information like ad size and the website it last ran on.
  • Share any ad through a permanent URL.
  • No registration required.

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