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MultiMediaCards (MMCs) used for mobile phones are prone to memory corruption errors due to improper usage or mishandling. However these problems can often be solved with a simple reformat of your MMC.

MMC Medic is a free desktop application that reformats your corrupted MMC so that you can use it again. Do take note though that reformatting your MMC deletes all of its contents.

format corrupted memory card

To repair your MMC, put it in a card reader and insert it in your computer. Then run MMC Medic and enter the capacity of your MMC and the drive letter where you placed your card reader. You can also input your MMC’s volume label. Once you are set, click “Format MMC“ to start repairing it.

MMC Medic is a great tool that can help people with lots of mobile devices while removing the hassle of corrupted external storage.


Download MMC Medic @  Download  MMCMedic

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