MMC Medic Formats Corrupt Memory Cards Without Hassle
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It’s easy for memory cards to become corrupted. Failing to eject them from your computer properly, troublesome operating systems, or even plain old wear-and-tear can render them inaccessible.

If you’ve plugged your memory card into your computer only to discover the file system isn’t working, don’t despair. There is still hope for it! You just need to grab a copy of a nifty little tool called MMC Medic and let it work its magic.

What Is MMC Medic?

MMC Medic is a free Windows desktop tool that reformats your multimedia cards, SD cards, and USB drives. It can reformat your drive to any size between 16 MB and 1 GB.

Warning: Reformatting any storage medium — multimedia cards included — will delete any data contained on them. If you have valuable data you don’t want to lose, back it up (or try to salvage it) before you use MMC Medic.

Using the Tool

Before you open MMC Medic, make sure you’ve inserted the drive you want to format into your computer. Once your machine has recognized it, open the app.

MMC Medic Formats Corrupt Memory Cards Without Hassle mmc medic

There are three selections you need to make:

  • Capacity of MMC — Choose the size of the drive you want to format. You can make the drive smaller than its actual capacity, but not larger.
  • MMC Drive Letter — Make sure you select the correct drive letter, or you might accidental format the wrong card.
  • MMC Label — You can give your MMC card a name. The name will remain, regardless of which computer the card is in.

When you’re ready, click the Format MMC button. That’s it, you’re done!

MMC Medic is an old but reliable tool. Do you use the app or have you found an alternative with better features? Let us know in the comments below.

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