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If you are an Adwords/Adsense advertiser, it’s difficult to forecast in advance which ad copies will perform the best before you actually run them. Now you can, thanks to Mixrank, which lets you look into Adsense campaigns run by other companies (e.g. your competitors) and see the performance of their ads. It indexes over 92,000 sites running Adsense ads and shows you where your competitors are buying traffic and compare their best performing ad copies.

You simply need to enter the website (e.g. of an advertiser into the search box and press Search. The section “Active ads” shows the different ad copies for this advertiser, the websites (publishers) where those ads are running and their average ad position. You can see the total publishers reached per ad in the “Ad reach” section and see the advertiser’s best performing ad copies by clicking on the section “Best Performers”.

compare adsense

You can see the number of traffic sources for different ad copies.

compare google adsense

You can also see the performance of different ad copies.



All the data can be exported into Excel files by clicking the EXPORT button on the upper right corner.


  • Look into performance of Adsense ad copies of your competitors.
  • Info on Adsense campaigns of 265,000 advertisers, running on more than 92,000 sites.
  • View active running ad copies for an advertiser.
  • View advertiser’s top traffic sources.
  • Compare best performing ad copies.
  • Monitor trends in real time.
  • Export data into Excel.
  • Free, registration needed to view more detailed stats.

Check out Mixrank @ (via ReadWriteWeb)

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