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MIT-Ai-eduMIT has revived Google App Inventor, and has launched a beta version of their own MIT App Inventor. App Inventor is a visual, web-based  tool which allows  virtually anyone to develop Android apps without any coding skills.

In order to use App Inventor, all you’ll need is a Google account. The process starts in your browser, where you create a new app project and design what it will look like. You can then proceed to connect your phone to your computer, and get a live preview of everything you do on your phone. Using this feature and the Android emulator, you can start adjusting your app’s behavior.


The service was first launched in 2010 as Google App Inventor, but was promptly shut down and open-sourced by Google last year. MIT has jumped on the challenge, and the result is this initial beta version of a new App Inventor.

To start using App Inventor, or to simply check out what it’s all about, head over to and click on “Use MIT App Inventor”. You will need to grant the app access to your Google account and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that the tool is still in beta, and there is already a list of known issues which will be fixed in the final release.

Will you try creating your own apps with App Inventor? Will this tool prompt you to try creating apps even without coding skills?


Source: MIT App Inventor

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