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what you are watchingSometimes you just want to veg out in the comfort of your own home, kick back and enjoy some quality entertainment. And why not? After working all day, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend a little time chilling out in the house you’re working hard to pay for.

But sometimes even in our laziest moments, we still feel that human urge to be sociable. To share what we’re doing with our friends and to connect with other people doing the same thing. This is where Miso comes in.

What Are You Watching?

At this stage, Miso can easily be summarised as “Foursquare for people who are watching TV”. When you’re busy with your pixellated entertainment, Miso lets you check into the TV show or movie and share that through your social networks to your friends.

what you are watching

The premise is very simple. All they ask is “What are you watching?“. It can be a TV show, online show, movie or anything at all. It doesn’t seem to apply to live events, but who’s to know where the future will take it. There’s room to expand.


The Future Of Miso

Miso is still in early days yet, with just a handful of entrepreneur geeks at the helm, but already it’s gaining a rapid following.

Hopefully, since Miso has an accessible API, people will soon write Miso hooks into things like Miro, LiveStation, Hulu, Joost, YouTube, Vimeo, set-top boxes and other cool ways of watching shows so that it’s all automatic. Even better would be to also link these to Glue, Facebook pages, Flixter and MyTVShows. Then things will get really fun!

television social network

Miso Right Now

For the moment, Miso is a great way to share your entertainment preferences with your friends. You can check into Miso using applications on the iPod, iPad, Android phone or by using the website.

television social network

When you check into movies, TV shows or specific episodes, you earn badges and points for your regularity, showing how much of a fan you are. Some TV shows even have special badges that let people specifically know you’re a fan of that show.

television social network

As well as showing off badges, you can also use your profile to show off your favourite shows. Miso are keen to remind you that watching sport counts!

tv social network

If your favourite show isn’t in their database it takes no time to add it. Then you can immediately follow the show, check in, add links about the show and comment on the show.

tv social network

You can comment or like other people’s updates. If you’re following friends on Miso, you can also send private messages to them. Miso make it easy to invite your friends to Miso, too.

tv social network

Most importantly for TV connoisseurs, you can see which shows are trending on Miso, so you’ll always know which shows are actually popular with other TV gurus.

When you look at any given show’s page, you can easily see recent check-ins, links and comments, plus quick links to IMDB, Wikipedia and the official site for the show.

Following a show means that you’ll see all the comments, links and buzz for that show on your home page.

The Miso Conversation

So, when you check into Miso, you’re joining the Miso conversation on the TV show, plus you are starting a conversation with your Twitter friends and Facebook friends. Because of all these different conversations, it means you can get started playing on Miso even if you don’t know anyone else using it. Talk to the TV gurus on Miso and chat to your friends elsewhere about the show after they see your Miso check-in. Easy!

what you are watching

So, if you’re keen to share your viewing habits, while chatting to like-minded fans and learning about the hottest shows showing now, this is the tool for the job. Miso is fun, fabulous and ready for you to have a go.

Let us know what you think about it.

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