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If you are a regular user of file hosting websites, you must have encountered times when the download link to a file was not working. In most cases there are no alternatives or “˜mirror’ links provided and you are unable to obtain the file. To avoid this happening to your uploaded files you should pay a visit to Mirror Creator.

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Mirror Creator is a free to use website that helps you upload your files onto multiple hosts simultaneously. You can upload a file either via your computer or through a URL. Next you optionally enter a notification email address and select the file hosting websites.

With your file uploaded you are provided with its download URL along with the URL’s shortened version. A deletion link is also provided that helps you remove the uploaded file from the web later.

Visiting the URL provides the visitor with the option to download the uploaded file from any of the file hosts you selected. If one file host’s link is not working, the visitor can simply use the other download link from another file host.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you upload file to multiple file hosts.
  • Performs its function very quickly.
  • Provides a deletion link to remove your file later.
  • Similar tools: Load2All, Pikchur, FlashingMirrors,, FileDropper, PhotoScatter, Gazup and DropRecord.

Check out Mirror Creator @

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