MinutesPlease: Cut Wasting Time on Facebook, Digg & Other Addictive Sites

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If you fed up from wasting time on Facebook, Digg, Reddit (or any other addicitve site) and want to control your web usage, try MinutesPlease.com. It is a new online application which allows you to setup time limits for any websites you visit.

There are three ways you can use this website:

– Simply go to the MinutesPlease, enter the URL of the site you want to cut down on use, set the time limit and the site will open that site only for that preset period of time.<
- Use provided 10 minute bookmarklet which lets you instantly set 10 minute time limit for any web page you visit.

- Setup time limits simply by making following changes to the URL of the site.

  • 5.minutesplease.com/example.com
  • minutesplease.com/1hr15m/example.com
  • minutesplease.com/1day/ (opens a blank window)
  • minutesplease.com/example.com (defaults to 10 m)

wasting time on facebook


  • Cut down wasting time on the addictive websites.
  • Set time limits on the sites you visit, using bookmarklet, making changes to the URL or simply visiting the site.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Free, no signup needed.
  • Similar websites: KeepMeOut.

Check out MinutesPlease @ www.minutesplease.com

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