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Are you looking for a place where you can buy and sell products in mint condition? Do you have any stuff in your room that you no longer use and want to sell it? If the answer is yes, try MintMarket.

sell pre owned items

MintMarket is a useful iOS application for selling pre-owned items to other people or buy them if you are in need of that product, as the name of the app itself suggests. The items have been bought in the last 60 days or so. MintMarket is integrated with Facebook so that you can sell any pre-owned item to any friend, friends of friends, network connections and more.

If you have any item which you bought in the last 30 days or even 10 days, and you go back to the place from where you bought it, they will probably offer you 50% price of what you actually paid, regardless of the condition. In such scenarios, it will be a wise idea to use MintMarket as you may find a deal that is better and profitable.


  • Buy mint-condition items from trusted people at reasonable prices.
  • Integrate with Facebook to find acquaintances, friends, and colleagues selling, or wanting to buy specific items.
  • Filter items based on prices, place, network etc.
  • Works on all iOS devices running iOS 4 and above.
  • Similar sites: Beetailer, UploadnSell, Oronjo, Tagito and BigCartel.

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