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Mint is a free and 100% automated budgeting and expense tracking tool. Automatically track and organize your spendings, monitor all of your banking and credit card transactions, learn about offers (banks, credit cards, etc.) that are suited to your financial needs. (Highly Recommended.) “Constantly working to find you savings: Mint typically finds users $1,000 in savings opportunities in their first session – minutes after registering.”

Mint - 100% Automated Budgeting

Feature Overview

  • 100% automated and easy-to-use: You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
  • Stay up-to-date on all of your bank accounts and credit cards: Mint supports over 3,500 US banks and credit card companies.
  • Financial Health feature: compares your cash and debt so you know at-a-glance how you are doing financially.
  • Automatically categorize you spendings. You don’t need to save (or do) anything, Mint can identify the nature of each expense on its own.
  • Visualize you spendings by category (i.e. Shopping, Groceries), cash vs. debt, Current monthly saving vs. mint-recommended monthly savings, etc.
  • Label transactions (eg. split with friends, reimbursed by company, etc)
  • Set custom Alerts & Notifications (via email or SMS) for: low balances in any checking/savings account, credit card bill due dates, high/unusual spendings (i.e. Shopping, Dining, Gas), ATM fees and bank charges, etc.
  • Custom financial advise and tips: Mint analyzes your data and finds deals that will save you money (see image above).
  • Secure and Anonymous: uses bank-level data security and SSL 128-bit encryption.
  • Mint EDU: Finance and Budgeting Tips (A Young Professional’s Car Buying Guide, My Dumbest Investment)
    User Testimonial: “I just want to say Mint is AMAZING. I haven’t had a financial program that could sync ALL of my accounts without a hitch. You guys have something great here.”

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