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Advertisement, the personal finance and budgeting web and mobile app service, recently updated its iPad and iPhone apps to include much requested features for creating budgets and splitting transactions within the mobile application. It’s a move many users will surely appreciate. enables you to download all your financial transactions from your supporting banking, credit card and other online financial services. You can then use Mint to monitor your account transactions and set up budgets for different categories of spending. While you can’t make deposits or withdraw money from you accounts using Mint, you can get a detailed view of how you’re spending your money without having to manually add transactions to your accounts; Mint automatically does it for you.

With the updated version of the Mint iOS app, you can set up budgets in your account and split transactions as you can in the online web application. To add a budget within the app, you simply tap on the Budget category, tap the + icon, and create a budget for an existing or new category of spending.

You use the budget slider to indicate the amount you want to budget per month for a specified item. The app also also provides a graphic bar report of your spending for each selected item.


Similarly, to split a transaction, you select the transaction from your account and tap the Split button on the top-right of the app and add the necessary data. All the changes you make in the Mint mobile app will be synced and updated on your other Mint-supported devices.

Source: TechCrunch

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