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Having a desktop full of clutter can be counter-productive especially if you have so many icons displayed. Sometimes a minimalist zen approach to your desktop is ideal to free up distractions that can otherwise interrupt the way you work.

MinimalWall is a website that can help you achieve this Zen approach to your desktop by providing minimalist-themed wallpapers.

minimalist wallpapers

To simplify your desktop, the website suggests three easy steps. The first step is to remove all of your desktop icons for a cleaner look. Then use a grid wallpaper from the site to align all of your windows and make them more organized.

Finally, set the wallpaper that you chose from the site. You can download over a hundred minimalist wallpapers divided into categories like basic colors, mindful words, and minimal graphics.

minimalist wallpapers


Minimal Wall is a great web tool for simplicity geeks and life-organizers.


Check out MinimalWall @

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