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Finding just the right widget to customize your Android phone can be a pain in the butt. No matter which ones you try, they never seem to suit your needs perfectly. The question is – why not make your own? Well with Minimalistic Text, you can. It makes it easy for you to make text-based widgets that show you only the information that is important to you.

android text widgets

Basically, your custom widget from Minimalistic Text will include a black bar with whatever information you wish to place in it. You can have your widget display the time, the date, weather information and so much more. You can even have it display battery information in a clean and easy to use widget.

minimalistic text

You can customize the look of the widget. You can choose the size, how many rows of text each widget should receive and how the text looks. It takes almost no design skills to set up a beautiful widget on your Android.


  • Create your own widget on your Android phone.
  • Widgets are text-based, simple and elegant.
  • Customize every detail about your widget.
  • Display time, date, battery status and more.

Find Minimalistic Text on Google Play

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