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Important emails require your attention. If your email client contains distracting banners, links, or ads then it is time to do something about them. Luckily for Gmail users, there are a number of tools that let users declutter their Gmail interface according to their preferences. Minimalist Gmail is one such tool.

declutter gmail

Minimalist Gmail is a browser extension for Google Chrome. It lets you strip a number of things from the Gmail interface. In addition to hiding elements such as Google links and the Google bar, the extension can also hide ads and the Google Chat window. The options can be modified anytime quickly by clicking on the extension’s icon that appears in the URL bar when you have Gmail open.

customize gmail interface

You are not restricted to removing things from Gmail: you can add stuff as well. You can add shortcuts to custom URLs. You can even point to an online image and set it as the custom header logo.

customize gmail page



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