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Facebook pages offer a number of useful features to analyze your page’s traffic. One such feature is seeing how many Facebook features ‘reached’ or viewed your page posts. But the native Facebook ‘reached’ feature does not differentiate between page fans and other Facebook users. Here to provide you with that differentiation and other useful features is a tool called Minilytics.


Minilytics is a free to use tool that comes in the form of a Facebook application. You can connect your Facebook account with the app and have it analyze your Facebook page. The app monitors the number of people who reach your Facebook page posts and it shows you how many of them were your page fans. Apart from this feature, you can use the app to view which is the best time to make posts on your page, which is the best type of post on your page based on the responses received, and a demographical breakdown of your Facebook page fans. Such analytics provide useful insight into the audience of your Facebook page.


  • A user friendly tool
  • Works as an app for Facebook
  • Lets you see how many Facebook page fans reached your posts
  • Suggests best time to post things on your page
  • Shows a demographical breakdown of your Facebook page fans

Check out Minilytics @ 

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