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If you are looking to keep a collection of your favorite links online in one place, check out Minilogs. It lets you save all sorts of links (videos, images, websites) and group them into playlists called Logs. To start adding links simply paste a URL into the orange bar and click “Add”. Every playlist is saved under its own URL (e.g.

You can add as many links as you want into your Log, without even signing up for an account. To save and edit your logs later, you have to sign up for an account or sign in with your Facebook login.



  • Add and group favorite links into playlists called Logs.
  • Add as many Logs as you want.
  • Each Log has a unique URL.
  • Add Logs to favorites.
  • Keep Logs private or public.
  • Add comments to Logs.
  • Media content (images, videos) can be viewed directly within the Log.
  • Collaborate with others on your logs, add links to others’ Logs or let other add links to your Logs.
  • Discover popular Logs by other members.
  • Add members to contacts.
  • Share Logs on Facebook, Twitter or Google +
  • Create Logs without registration. Sign up or sign in with Facebook to edit logs later.

Check out Minilogs @


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