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When Minecraft became available for Android there were cries of elation, then just plain crying. The reason? It turned out that the Pocket Edition was a stripped-down version of the full game that only included creative mode.

Fortunately, the limited features of the app’s debut are an issue of time rather than intent. Mojang has released a major update to the Pocket Edition which includes, among other things, survival mode. This is the single-player mode in which you have to mine and build using resources they acquire while zombies are trying to kill you.

The experience is still not the same as with the full PC game, however. Some tools and resources are available for unlimited use from the start of the game, which makes survival substantially easier. Still, you do need to venture into the wilds to acquire some materials.

Players who prefer creative mode have received one new feature – flying. It may sound a bit like a cheat, but remember, creative mode is about building. Being able to fly across the game world makes construction projects easier.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is available for $6.99, or you can try it out for free. The demo has the same features as the full version but doesn’t let you save your game. Apple fans will be receiving this update in the future, as well, but when is not yet known.


Source: Phandroid

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