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You can now bring your amazing Minecraft creations into real life with a new iOS called Minecraft Reality. The app is designed for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and you can download it right now from the App Store for $1.99. Once installed, you can start pointing your device’s camera at the world around you to find some mind-blowing Minecraft creations.

The app was developed by augmented reality developers 13th Lab in cooperation with Minecraft’s Mojang, and uses your device’s camera to track your surrounding, and then place actual Minecraft creations from other users all around you. These are 3D objects, so you can go around them, view them from different angles, etc. If you don’t believe it, watch the video below to see what it looks like. Impressive stuff.

While the app comes preloaded with some Minecraft models, the idea is for users to upload their own creations and place them in specific places in the world. This is possible with the aid of GPS technology, and which lets you decide where in the world you want to put your models, and then have people find them there using the Minecraft Reality app. You can also upload your Minecraft worlds to

This exciting announcement comes only a few days after Minecraft has ported to Raspberry Pi and officially released as Minecraft: Pi. While you can’t play Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi as of you yet, it should be possible to do so very soon, and the Pi version of the game will actually include slightly different features than the regular game. It’s an exciting week for Minecraft and Minecraft players!


Did you get a chance to try the new Minecraft Reality app?

Source: Mojang

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