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Creating mind maps can easily be done on paper, but sometimes its easier to just focus on what you really need to do. With Mind42, you can use Google Chrome to create mind maps in minutes.

The app is clean and user-friendly, and starting your first mind map is a breeze. All layout creation is handled for you, so the most you have to do is add elements. Speaking of elements, there are a few different types you can add like notes, to-do lists, links, and images. Additionally, you can highlight these elements with colors or add special icons to them.

mind mapping in browser

Mind42 is very easy to pick up and use, but it might be a little difficult to wrap your head around at first. For instance, the map is created on a grid, and it appears as if you can pick up and drag the elements wherever you please. This is not the case (and it actually could have been a nice feature). However, you can navigate the grid by dragging your cursor, and this will help you depending on just how big your mind map gets.


Overall, Mind42 has its place in the toolkit of those obsessed with self-organization. Some may prefer to use good old-fashioned pen and paper, but it does serve its purpose. As an added note, you must sign into Google to download the app, and you also must create a Mind42 account before using it.



  • Easy mind map creation.
  • Various elements to organize your life.
  • Bird’s eye view of grid.
  • Automatic layout creation.
  • Clean user interface.

Get Mind42 now at the Google Chrome Web Store.


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  1. Bear
    February 15, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    This is some great info about mind42. Another alternative web based program for making mind maps called Lucidchart. It is super easy to use, very intuitive controls. They also enable real time collaboration with others and it's integrated with google drive.