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Ask any website owner or SEO specialist what the most important aspect of owning a website is, and they will probably tell you that it is to get on to the first page of search results – and stay there. In fact, since search engines rank all pages based on relevance and popularity, many people, when searching for something, rarely go past the first or second page. But have you ever wondered what you would be presented with, if the top one million results were automatically removed? That is what Million Short offers to show you.


The search engine actually offers you several options which are :

  • remove no search results at all
  • remove the top 100 results
  • remove the top 1,000 results
  • remove the top 10,000 results
  • remove the top 100,000 results
  • remove the top million results

Removing the top 10,000, 100,000 and million results really serve no practical purpose and are really only there for the sake of curiosity.  Any site that is that far down the search results is guaranteed to be boring or irrelevant.  But removing the top 100 or 1,000 results does have a practical use, as it is a bit like Stumbleupon.  It allows you to move all of the big sites like Wikipedia out of the way, and find smaller, less well known sites that might be able to assist you in your web research.

The site also provides search plugins for your browser so you can search directly from Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.

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