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If you are a web designer looking for cool tools at the best prices, you should check out Mightydeals. Much like Groupon for designers, Mightydeals features a creative product or services at a discount. Each deal is available for a limited time, with a countdown timer telling you when the deal will expire.


Getting these deals is pretty straightforward. You can check out the current deal in the homepage where you can see the product description, the original price, and the discounted price. You can also view the list of features as well as the terms of the deal. Unlike other deal sites, you do not have to create an account. However, you can subscribe to their newsletter, RSS feed, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook so you don’t have to miss a deal.


You can also find past deals that already ran on Mightydeals or even submit your own deal if you want to promote your product. Dealing is quick with a Paypal account and you can instantly download the product once the payment is completed.

Mightydeals gives us nice approach to promote design products online. This website is definitely useful for deal-hunters looking for the latest design toys.



  • No sign-up required to purchase
  • Find the latest daily deals
  • Views past deals to see what you missed
  • Subscribe to newsletter or follow their Twitter account for updates
  • Accepts Paypal and major credit cards
  • Instant download

Check out Mightydeals @

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