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Mielophone is a music stream app for Adobe Air. While we agree that there are no shortage of music players for the desktop, Mielophone brings some nice stuff to the table by allowing you to stream music for free, purchase music from alternative stores, and get information on songs, bands, and artists.


From Mielophone’s minimalist, tiled home screen, you can view artists, songs, and albums. The app uses various music databases to present song information like Last.FM, BBC Radio, and MusicBrainz.  Selecting an artist will bring up the information plus the list of songs. The app will find a public stream of the song online. From my tests, the songs will take some time to load, but it works exceptionally well as a free music streamer. You can also play songs by tags and mood.

The music player features include the usual add to playlist, shuffle, repeat and radio. You can also download different plugins like Soundcloud MP3 Search, Zmusic MP3 Search, and more.

Mielophone is a great tool for anyone who needs a quick app to stream music to their desktop for free.



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