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Music video search engine that lets anyone find and watch full-length music videos online. Middio scans all music videos on Youtube and pulls out only the original ones. No home made clips, but only real music videos. “Middio’s results aren’t nearly as precise or complete as you might expect, although the service is getting its videos from content provider channels on YouTube. In other words, you’re less likely to find videos of teenagers lip syncing the song you’re looking for.
Middio - Music Video Search Engine

Middio Features

  • Search and playback full-length licensed music clips without ads.
  • Embed desired music videos on your blog or website.
  • For each track view a list of related tracks.
  • Counts over 10,000 licensed music videos in its music library.
  • Search videos by artist/song name or browse by popularity.
  • What’s missing: No option to add videos to favorites or create playlists.

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