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We all have a few extra minutes in our day which we spend browsing the Internet. Imagine transforming those minutes into not only something productive but also lucrative. Thanks to the Internet, you can now sign up for jobs that can be quickly completed within the daily free time you have. To get these jobs or to post about them, check out a site called Microworkers.


Microworkers is a web service intended for people looking for micro-jobs. Micro-jobs are little tasks that can be easily completed within little time. You start using Microworkers by creating an account on the site and clicking on the activation link emailed to you. Your next step is to browse through the jobs and find the one that interests you. The amount each job is paid is clearly mentioned. Also clearly mentioned is the time that the job will require you to spend on it.

When you click on the job you are able to read its further details. You are told what is expected of you and if any proof is required of you completing the job.


When the job is complete, the employer rates your work and pays you the money. When your balance reaches $9, you can place a withdrawal request to the site; the withdrawals are processed through Moneybookers or Alertpay, whichever you find more convenient.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • A forum for people to post and get micro-jobs.
  • Provides all the job details.
  • Does withdrawals through Moneybookers and Alertpay.

Check out Microworkers @

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