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Vista Answers is a new service from Microsoft that aims to become ultimate Windows Vista help site. Here Vista users can ask questions and get answers to fix Windows Vista problems. The website is similar to Yahoo Answers with the only difference is that answers are provided not only by regular users but also by dedicated Microsoft support team.

Using Microsoft Vista Answers you can search for answers, browse answers by category such as security, privacy, wireless, internet, networking, gaming… etc.  If you can’t find an answer you can submit a question and get it resolved by other users or support team.

windows vista help site

Once you have asked the question there are three ways to know when your question has been answered.

    – Come back to Microsoft Vista Answers siteand check My Alerts section.
    – An email will automatically be sent to your hotmail email account.
    – Subscribe to an RSS feed for your question and stay notified on your feed reader.

Additionally if you find the answers submitted by other users helpful you can subscribe to their feeds and follow them in your feed reader.


  • Windows vista help site from Microsoft.
  • Ask questions to other users and  Microsoft support team.
  • Search for Vista-related problems and get answers.
  • Browse answers by category such as security, wireless, internet, networking, gaming etc.
  • Get email alerts when you questions answered.
  • Subscribe to your questions and stay updated on your feed reader.

Check out Microsoft Vista Answers @

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