Microsoft Is NOT Ready To Support Windows 8: A Case In Point

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win8failWindows 8 is upon us! Excited, I’ve installed the shiny new OS and tried to install my first app from the new Store, only to be notified that my “purchase couldn’t be completed” (it was a free app) and that “something happened”. Really, that’s what the message says:


Okay, so I call Microsoft, and the friendly rep tells me I must open an Xbox account (why?) for this to work. Okay, let’s do that. I’m asked to provide a country, and I ask the rep – “is it okay if I leave this as United States?” (I’m located in Israel). Rep says, sure, no problem, we can always change it later.

Next, I suddenly need to provide my billing information at But… it’s in Israel. And guess what? There is no way to change the region – it’s locked as United States. So the rep tells me to call Xbox support now (what?), and can’t even put me through. Okay, I call Xbox support and they basically tell me they can’t help me, and there’s no way for them to change the region.

Fortunately, I have a US-unlocked credit card, so I do sort of have a US billing address. I go and fill that in, but I still can’t install anything from the Store. I call Microsoft again, and get an elderly-sounding rep who basically doesn’t help me at all (a 2-minute conversation).

In desperation, I decide to use the chat tech support, hoping they would just let me change the country already (something you can do with two clicks on Amazon). And this is the chat log:

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Please wait for an agent to respond. You are currently ‘1’ in the queue.

You are now chatting with ‘Tara L’.

Erez: Hello?

Tara L: Welcome to Windows Store Support! My name is Tara. Please give me a minute to review your issue.

Tara L: Hi Erez

Erez: Thanks.

Erez: Hey Tara :)

Tara L: How are you today?

Erez: Somewhat frustrated, but hopefully soon all will be well.

Tara L: So sorry for the frustration.

Erez: No problem; I just need a bit of help.

Tara L: You are attempting to change your region / country on the billing for your account?

Erez: Yup.

Erez: For some reason the account is listed as United States, while I’m actually in Israel.

Erez: The phone number’s working fine (my Israeli one), but I can’t fill in my real billing info.

Erez: (And I can’t install anything from the Windows 8 Store)

Tara L: right, at this time there is not a way to change the region on the account.

Erez: uh, so how can I install Windows 8 apps?

Tara L: The only way is to create a new account.

Erez: This is my MSN account, and it has a 25GB SkyDrive on it.

Erez: I can’t lose that.

Tara L: I know it is a pain to have to do, however this is the only way to get that to change.

Tara L: But

Tara L: once the new account is created you will be able to link another Microsoft account to the new account.

Erez: And how would that help me?

Tara L: I am sorry but this is the only way to update / change any region issues for billing.

Tara L: We have provided information to Microsoft about this issue

Tara L: and I also suggest you to do the same.

Erez: Am I to lose my 25GB SkyDrive because there’s no way to change the account region?

Erez: You -are- Microsoft. I am hereby providing you with this information. There is a problem.

Tara L: the more people to request this to be changed the faster it gets fixed.

Erez: Okay, if I create a new account, can you give me my 25GB back?

Tara L: This will be an issue best resolved by contacting Sky-drive.

Tara L: I am unable to correctly answer that question.

Erez: I understand. I must say I’m extremely disappointed with Microsoft at this point.

Tara L: here is the contact information for skydrive

Tara L:

Erez: Thank you, and goodbye.

Tara L: I completely understand and you are not alone.

Bottom Line

Worst service ever, and Microsoft is far from ready to handle anything remotely approaching what they’re trying to do with Windows 8. You’ve been warned.

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Comments (116)
  • MicroscamH8

    Friendly? I just had Microsoft support guy interrupt me all the time (had to wait 2 hours to get support by phone) and he started insulting me etc. Windows 7 is the UGLIEST and NASTIEST, DUMBEST software ever written!This is the last time I buy anything associated with MACROSCOFF!!!

  • Jenoki

    From mid-January 2013 you’ll be able to change the region of your Microsoft Billing Account at the click of a button through an xbox live Account Migration tool.

  • Kristian Luck

    Hi Erez,

    I found your post because I just encountered the same issue, although I’m in Canada rather than Israel. Regardless, my region/country was initially set to United States. I’ve found a solution that at least worked for me; it’s too bad MS support didn’t get you to try it. From the Start screen, type “Region” and the search field will come up. Under the search field, click on Settings. In the search results area, click on the Region app. This will open the Region dialog in desktop mode. Select the Location tab. You should see that your Home Location is presently set to United States. Change this to Israel and click the OK button. When you go back to your account settings for the Store app, you should see that your region/country now reflects Israel (at least, it changed to Canada for me when I changed my Location to Canada in the Region dialog).

    I hope this helps.

    • Erez Zukerman

      Hi Kristian,

      I appreciate that! I’ve ended up resolving my problem by setting up a new user account on this system and re-linking it to my MSN account. For some reason that solved the issue — it must be some obscure bug that affected the original linking process.

      Thank you for taking the time to write up a detailed explanation – I’m pretty sure it will help at least some of the many readers who keep finding this post because of this issue.


  • Mark Whipple

    Waah! My new O/S wasn’t perfect on day 1, wahhh. Stop being ridiculous, any complex software has problems like this and Microsoft does a better job than most at resolving them.

    Try this fix: enter /cry at the command prompt…

  • Phuong Nguyen

    Go to control panel, region, change home location to Israel, then go to Store application, setting, your account. You can add your Israel credit card here. Problem solved!

    Actually, Microsoft account is capable of add multi countries associated with your account.

    • Erez Zukerman

      Oh man, you really had me hoping there! This was the most useful comment on the post by far, and I followed it to the letter. I managed to add billing info to my account (!!! more than MS could help me do!) — but I still get the same errors and can’t purchase anything, despite having a valid copy of Win8 and a valid credit card on file with all of my real information. :\

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.
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