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Do You own a Windows Phone Mango device? Now you can finally enjoy Microsoft’s own panorama stitching app! Photosynth is an official Microsoft release which has been strangely absent from Microsoft’s own OS up until now. The app has been available for iOS devices for quite some time, which made it even more frustrating for Windows Phone users.

But there’ll be no more frustration! Photosynth is now officially available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, and anyone with a Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) device can download it for free. Photosynth is a panorama maker, which can create 360-degrees panoramas. All you have to do is move your phone around the room to catch a whole “sphere” of stitched photos.

Once you have a panorama ready, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter, and also publish it on Bing. Publishing your panorama means it will appear in Bing’s search results, and also on Bing maps, if you’ve given your panorama a location.

According to Addictive Tips, the app does have some compatibility issues, even with Mango devices, but will still work on most of them with some performance degradations.

Did Photosynth work on your device? Was it worth the wait?


Source: Windows Phone Blog

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