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Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in the promotion of Windows 7 and @MicrosoftHelps could be considered a part of that process. While Microsoft has already embraced Twitter like the other big firms and has many Twitter handles, @MicrosoftHelps was launched recently to provide real time support to Windows 7 users. Microsoft describes it as “the official Twitter account for Microsoft Customer Service.”

Initially it is meant for Windows 7 users and later on it will be expanded to Microsoft’s other business units. It’s certainly a nice initiative by Microsoft to let its customers have another medium, which might become the fastest way to get their Windows 7 issues resolved.

windows 7 on twitter


  • Real time support by Microsoft on twitter.
  • Initially it will support only Windows 7.
  • Get your answers within 24 hours.
  • Uses CoTweet as the delivery platform.

Check out @MicrosoftHelps @

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