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A new virus is making the rounds, and this one has the potential to be very serious. The Duqu virus has source code similar to Stuxnet, which was believed to have played havoc with Iran’s nuclear program. Everyone is looking to unlock the secret behind this serious virus, but for now it looks like it is being linked with a piece of software downloaded from corrupted Microsoft Word documents. If you receive any Word documents from an unknown party, do not open them.

Basically, this virus enters your system and could potentially allow malicious individuals into your system where they can take control and take all kinds of data. This would obviously be especially bad if you have credit card information on your computer or if the virus ends up on the system of a corporation where there can be all kinds of private data. Worse still, they could target government, similar to Stuxnet.

This virus could very well be made by the same people who made Stuxnet, or at the very least, their source could have been stolen to create this Duqu virus.

As of now, there is no fix for this virus. For the time being, we suggest that all of our users be extremely wary of all Word documents they receive, especially if you don’t know the person who sent it.

Source: Reuters


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