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Microsoft has had a somewhat rough ride of late. Apple’s emergence from near-bankruptcy to tech giant has coincided with tough times at its traditional enemy Microsoft. Bill Gates stepped down as CEO in 2000, handing the role over to his longtime comedy sidekick 5 Funny Videos Starring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer 5 Funny Videos Starring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer A lot of people really don't like Steve Ballmer. Perhaps because he's Mr. Microsoft, or because he was (for many years) Bill Gates' lickspittle underling. Whatever the reason, he's a figure of fun in a... Read More Steve Ballmer. The years that followed saw some serious missteps being taken by the company.

Microsoft has become known as a pedestrian, traditional, non-innovating tech dinosaur relying on one or two key products to keep itself in business. Whether you believe that to be the case or not, there have been rumblings in recent times of a new Microsoft emerging from this lost decade. A smarter, stealthier, streamlined Microsoft which has learned from its past mistakes. Could a Microsoft resurgence be imminent?

This Week’s Question…

Is Microsoft On The Verge Of Greatness Once More?

Microsoft recently changed its corporate logo to what you see above you now. The addition of the tiles to the left of the name is far from accidental. This is Microsoft actually thinking sensibly about branding for a change. All of its products are going to have the same look and feel to them, from Windows to Xbox, from Office to Outlook.

Aaron recently wrote an engrossing opinion piece 6 Microsoft Products That Have Finally Been "Perfected" [Opinion] 6 Microsoft Products That Have Finally Been "Perfected" [Opinion] Microsoft occupies the majority of the personal computing market, and much of the business market as well. It’s seen its downfalls though, too. There have been many products that it has launched that have only... Read More citing six Microsoft products he feels have finally been perfected. While these products will no doubt continue to evolve over time, his point was that these are now a pleasure to use. That’s the words “Microsoft,” “products,” and “pleasure” used in the same sentence. I know, it’s shocking.

Beyond these products we have Windows 8, which, whether you love it or hate it is certainly adventurous, the next generation of Xbox, Kinect, Surface, and Windows Phone 8. To name just a few. Again, whether these products interest you or not, their presence does suggest Microsoft is climbing from the doldrums once more.


So, what do you think of Microsoft at present and its future potential? Is it too late for a (don’t call it a) comeback? Or could Apple’s time at the top be severely shortened by a new and improved Microsoft? Do any of the forthcoming Microsoft products interest you? Or is it just more of the same tired old nonsense from a tired old company?

I can already see the people at the back laughing uproariously at this question, but we ask that you take your heads out of your behinds for one moment and at least look at this question with an unbiased, non-judgmental eye. Take the time to do so, considering the facts and figures above all else, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Drawing Conclusions

All comments will be digested to form conclusions in a follow-up post next week where we will detail what You Told UsOne reader will even win Comment Of The Week, which will be included in the follow-up post! What more motivation than that do you need to respond?

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