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Microsoft is finally looking to put Hotmail to rest with the introduction of their new email service called Hotmail has been a staple of many email users for a long time, and it has changed little over the course of that time. Microsoft is looking to shake things up with this new service. It offers many changes and improvements over Hotmail.

The UI is looks nothing like Hotmail. The design has that “Metro” look and feel that Microsoft has been using in most of their services. Microsoft calls the new interface, “modern”, “clean”, and “fresh”. It certainly looks and functions substantially better than Hotmail.

Current Windows Live and Hotmail users can migrate their account over to the new easily. Any mail sent to your old email address will forward to your new one unless you explicitly delete the old account. is still in the preview stage, but it is available for anyone to use. Microsoft is not saying that everyone with a Hotmail account has to switch over to once it goes final, but it’s possible they will phase Hotmail out at some point. Microsoft running multiple webmail services seems somewhat counterproductive. is a slick looking webmail service that any email user should at least give a shot.


Source: Cnet

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