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Microsoft has announced that we should all “give Hotmail another look“. This does not mean that Hotmail’s whole interface is changed forever, but there are certainly some new additions that are mainly aimed at e-mail organization and war against “greymail”.

The most exciting part of this announcement is the release of an official Hotmail Android app. Microsoft has finally decided to jump on the Android train, and Hotmail and Android users finally have an official app with two-way sync for e-mails, contacts and calendar.

The changes in Hotmail include new and better ways to control greymail, which is basically newsletters you’ve signed up to and forgot or changed your mind about. Hotmail now puts all these newsletters into a Newsletter category, and offers a one-click unsubscribe button which is supposed to do the dirty work for you.

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Among the changes is also Scheduled Cleanup, which helps you keep just the most relevant e-mails. Using this feature you can select a sender (like a newsletter provider) and then choose to keep only the latest e-mail from that sender and delete or move all the old ones. “Flags done right” is another feature which moves all flagged messages to the top of your inbox and also allows you to automatically flag e-mails from a certain sender or with a specific subject line.

Microsoft has also finally seen the need for custom categories, and you can now create your own categories and quickly apply them to an entire group of e-mails.


As mentioned above, you can now download the official Hotmail app for Android, which is certainly an upgrade for some users.


What do you think? Are these changes to Hotmail worthy or should Microsoft consider a much more prominent facelift? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Windows Blog

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